Meet Beauty and the Brain on November 14th in NYC

James and I have worked together for years. We laugh, teach and inspire each other and truly enjoy being together. As my professional plans and goals for the next ten years evolves, James is an integral part of all of them.

I know how lucky I am to have James as a part of my professional circle. The moment people meet him they like him. He’s funny, smart and just makes everyone around him happy. And although he’s the ‘Beauty’ part of this duo, there is no mistaking how smart he is and how good he is at his craft.

So why the build up? Because if you are fortunate enough to be able to attend PYM’s Event on November 14th at the Renaissance in New York City, you’ll get to meet James. He and I will be hosting an open conversation about whatever is on your mind as it relates to work. Have a problem you need help brainstorming? Need a creative solution for an event or a tip on budgeting or office politics? Come ready to explore, discuss and learn with us.

Here’s the link for more info.

Four hours and $30 is a small investment. Your return will be tenfold.

Hope to see you there.

Want to start the converstion now? Email us at: moc.E1450633377MSelz1450633377zaD@s1450633377niarB1450633377dnayt1450633377uaeB1450633377.


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